About Tripoli Idaho Rocketry

The Tripoli Rocketry Association is a national organization dedicated to the advancement of the hobby of high power rocketry. It promotes safe practices and provides insurance as well as a certification process that allows members the use of high power rocket motors.

Join us at the next launch! Tripoli Idaho Rocketry (TIR) welcomes everyone who wants to experience the thrill of building and launching rockets. People from all walks of life enjoy this fun and educational hobby building and flying small model rockets to large high power rockets.

Our launches are family friendly, and kids are welcome to bring their model rockets and join in on the fun provided they are insured by a national rocketry organization (Tripoli or NAR).  Additionally, TARC teams, Boy Scout troops, and sanctioned school groups are also covered by our insurance.  If you are not insured, we encourage you to come to see a launch and learn how you can become a member and fly at our launches.

Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings have been suspended due to COVID-19

What to Expect

TIR launches are run with the full approval of the FAA and the BLM. Tripoli Idaho is insured and follows strict safety rules during launch operations. The public is welcome and spectators can watch for free. A public address system is used during launches to keep the participants and spectators well informed.

  • High-power rockets being flown at Tripoli Idaho launches can weigh more than 50 pounds.
  • Some high-power rockets are capable of altitudes over 30,000 feet.
  • Many rockets are built from commercially available kits, but some are also “scratch built.”
  • There are also a large number of mid-power and low-power model rockets launched.
  • All rockets must use commercially certified motors that are safe for consumer use.
  • All rockets must use a parachute recovery system to safely return to the ground.
  • All launches require an FAA waiver.
  • Launches at the Tripoli Idaho Swan Falls launch site are FAA approved to as high as 40,000 feet!

SpudRoc and Birds-of-Prey Launches

In addition to our scheduled regular launches TIR holds both spring and autumn, premiere launches. Spudroc is the club's spring launch, usually held in early May.  While Birds-of-Prey is our fall premiere launch usually held in early October.  Both events feature an increased flier and spectator turn-out, often with on-site rocketry vendors.  The altitude waiver for these events is 40,000' AGL, allowing for more extreme altitude projects.