Launch Schedule

Always check the website or the TIR google group email list for go/no-go decision for a launch.

2021 Launch Dates

Primary Date

Back-up date

Altitude Waiver
March 6 March 20 20k' to 40k' AGL  
April 10 April 24 20k' to 40k' AGL  
May 1-2 May 8-9 20k' to 40k' AGL  SpudRoc
May 15 May 29 20k' to 40k' AGL  
June 5 June 12 20k' to 40k' AGL  
No launches in July, August, September due to fire danger
Oct 02 TBD 20k' to 40k' AGL  Birds of Prey
Oct 30 TBD 20k' to 40k' AGL  


NOTE:  Rocketry is an inherently dangerous activity.  All participants are required to read and sign a release and waiver of liability.

Use this link to view WIND CONDITIONS at the Swan Falls Launch Site

Other 2021 regional launches:

OROC (Brothers, OR) TBD
     Aeronaut, August 6th-8th
     XPRS September 17th-19th
     BALLS Research, September 24th-26th

LDRS 39, July 29th-August 1st