Launch Schedule

Always check the website or the TIR google group email list for go/no-go decision for a launch.

2017 Launch Dates

Primary Date

Back-up (rain date)

Altitude Waiver
March 4 March 11,18 40,000' AGL  Launch Dir- J C Worthen
April 8 April 1,15,22 40,000' AGL  GO for 4/15
May 6-7 May 20-21 40,000' AGL  Rained out
May 20 May 27 40,000' AGL  Go for 5/20
June 3 June 10,17 40,000' AGL  Fire Weather - no launch
No launches in July, August due to fire danger
Oct 7-8 Oct 13-14 40,000' AGL  NO GO
Oct 21 Oct 28 40,000' AGL  NO GO
Nov 4 Nov 11,18 40,000' AGL


NOTE:  Rocketry is an inherently dangerous activity.  All participants are required to read and sign a release and waiver of liability.

Use this link to view WIND CONDITIONS at the Swan Falls Launch Site

Other 2017 regional launches attended by TIR members:

May 19-21:  Spring Thunder (OROC), Brothers, OR

May 26-29:  FITS - Fire In The Sky (Washington Aerospace), Mansfield, WA

June 23-26: NXRS - Northwest Xtreme Rocket Show (OROC), Brothers, OR

May 6-9: LDRS 36 (Tripoli National Launch), Price MD

July 28-30:  Summer Skies (OROC), Brothers, OR

Aug 4-6: Aeronaut (AeroPac), Blackrock, NV

Aug 25-27: Desert Heat (OROC), Brothers, OR

Sept 11-14: XPRS Research & ARLISS (AeroPac), Blackrock, NV

Sept 15-18:  XPRS (AeroPac), Blackrock, NV

Sept 22-24: BALLS Research (AHPRA - Arizona), Blackrock, NV