TIR Launch Sites

TIR launches are held at our Swan Falls launch site in southwest Idaho.

For those with a GPS unit, the launch site coordinates are: N 43°14’15’’ W116°19’27’’.

Map to the Swan Falls launch site

Google Maps View:

Use this link to view WIND CONDITIONS at the Swan Falls Launch site.

Our launch site is on BLM land for which we require permission to use.  The BLM requires that NO off-road vehicle use is permitted.  Pets are not allowed at TIR launches, per BLM rules.

Sometimes launches are canceled due to bad weather or high fire danger. If a launch is cancelled due to environmental conditions then often we will re-schedule for the following Saturday. Remember to check the website or TIR Google Group for an up-to-date report BEFORE you leave for the launch site!

Conditions permitting, Tripoli Idaho launches run all day provided there are still rockets to fly. However, most larger rockets are usually launched in the mornings to take advantage of calm wind conditions.  Come early and remember to bring a lunch and water.  A port-a-potty is on-site for most launches, otherwise facilities can be found at the nearby Birds of Prey overlook.

Rocketry is an inherently dangerous activity, for this reason, participants are required to read and sign a release and waiver of liability.