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SpudRoc 2021 May 15-16

This weekend turned out to be a beautiful weekend to fly. Saturday there was no wind and a high cloud deck and Sunday it was clear skies and a very light breeze. We had roughly 50 people show up including a youth group and a TARC team.

 In all, we had 56 total flights.

- 26 Low Power

- 9 Mid Power

- 21 High Power

 We had two successful level 1 attempts. Congratulations to Steve Davis and Adam Yamamoto!

  The largest motor was an M1780. The most frequent flier was Dave Thedens with a nice round number of 10 flights. The highest altitude, I believe, was Terry Dobler on a CTI J285. Great way to round out the Spring flying season!

  Thank you to all who attended and a special thanks to Neil for towing the potty, Rick for hauling the equipment and Angelo for setting up the waiver.

April 10th - 11th Launch

We made it through our first two-day launch of the year! Winds were higher than desired for most of the duration but we still managed to get in 16 flights.

Saturday got shutdown around 2pm due to increasing winds and a promising forecast for Sunday. Three people did manage to get something in the air Saturday morning though. Braden Carlson launching his 5in Wildman Punisher (first flight) on an M2050 for some great altitude. This was followed by Brian Carlson's Wildman Extreme Darkstar on an Aerotech K1275 that paid no attention to the steady surface winds. Kelsey Black finished us off Saturday with the only mid-power flight of the weekend a CTI F120 in his 3FNC.

Sunday things got moving shortly after 8am with a hybrid rocket launch attempt that ended in scrub after a failed ignition. Brad and Dave Walters brought an assortment of unique and cool low-power rockets the ended up with three and five flights respectively including a surprisingly high-performance on a Micro Maxx motor. TJ Herndon launched a CTI J150 in a minimum diameter that never recovered GPS signal after boost and was not found. Rex Merritt launched his beautiful black and blue rocket with metallic flake paint on an I284 with a long walk down wind for recovery. Brian and Braden Carlson brought back out the Wildman Extreme Darkstar this time to fly on an Aerotech L850 for an awesome boost. Kesley launched the 3FNC on a CTI H225 to an altitude of ~3300ft. The rocket was recovered ~5700ft downrange appropriately summarizing the winds

Overall, we had 16 flights, 8 low-power, 1 mid-power, and 7 high-power flights. Largest Motor was a M2050X and the smallest was a Micro Maxx. A couple rockets were damaged from being dragged after landing but there were many good flights. Special thanks to Angelo for towing the port-a-potty and Kelsey for spending the night with the equipment.  We are now three weeks out from our next scheduled launch, SPUDROC, which will also be a two-day event.