Articles about TIR launches.

Next TIR Launch

The next scheduled launch of the TIR 2018 fall launch season is November 11.

Equipment set-up at 9:00a.m. with the 40,000' AGL waiver activated from 10am until 6pm or until there are no more rockets flying.  Port-a-potties will be on site.  Spectators are welcome to attend, but are forewarned that high-power rocketry is an inherently dangerous activity and observers assume all risk.  Please, no pets allowed, per BLM rules.

Insured non-members* are welcome to fly with us.  Those over 18 may pay a $5 launch fee (under 18 always fly for free).  If you are interested in flying rockets at our launches, but are not insured, please contact an officer of TIR and we can discuss your options for becoming an insured flyer.

*All members of Tripoli and members of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) are insured.  Boy Scouts as part of a scout activity, TARC teams, and sanctioned school groups are covered by Tripoli insurance.

Rocketry is an inherently dangerous activity.  All participants are required to read and sign a release and waiver of liability.