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James Clark (JC) Worthen 1943-2018

JC Worthen, TIR club prefect, STEM educator, colleague, and friend has passed away.  Services will be held on Saturday, March 3, 2018, 11 AM at the LDS Chapel on 4921 N Mitchell.  We will always remember JC as a devoted, lifetime science educator and for his enthusiasm for sport rocketry for longer than many of us have been around.  Certainly, the club launches and meetings will be noticeably different in the absence of his voice and presence.  His support for community outreach, with rocketry as a vehicle to support his strong views on the importance of STEM education, will be greatly missed in the Treasure Valley education community.  JC's support and leadership of this organization, and especially his friendship, will be dearly missed by all.  Plans are already in discussion for a dedication launch, details to be provided here when available.

Link to Idaho Statesman Obituary


2014 Annual Kick-Off Meeting

Boise, ID: TIR members met for the 2014 annual kick-off meeting on January 3rd to discuss plans for the coming launch season.  Following introductions, members re-elected the current slate of officers for another 1yr term, set dues at current rates, and reviewed club finances.  The hot topic for this year was the on-going FAA waiver application which has encountered some delay due some personnel changes in the administration.  However, there was confidence from the TIR launch coordinator that the issues would be resolved in a short time to enable the club launch plans.  On the issue of launch plans, the club discussed spring and fall launch dates for the year and adopted the proposed schedule (see launch schedule page for this year's planned dates).  The most significant change to the schedule was a request by members to once again support two-day launches in the Spring and Fall for the SpudRoc and Birds-of-Prey launch dates (weather conditions permitting).  

Summer Launches

Due to summer fire season we are prohibited from having summer launches here in Idaho.  However, that does not apply to everywhere in the Northwest U.S..  Several other regional and national launches are scheduled in the NW this summer, and most are not a long drive away.  Oregon Rocketry sponsors several summer launches close by in the town of Brothers, Oregon, near the city of Bend.  These launches are just a few hours drive from Boise and are very well attended.   Finally, the annual XPRS launch will also be held in September -- with many club members making the annual pilgrimage.  You can find more information about these launches from our Launch Schedule page or by attending one of our monthly meetings.  Hope to see you there!

2013 Annual Meeting

The 2013 Tripoli Idaho annual meeting date was held on Wednesday, January 9th at the Chicago Connection on Fairview Avenue.  TIR members met to discuss several topics in order to plan for another big year for high-power rocketry in Idaho.


Justyn Palmer

TIR members were shocked to learn this week that one of our members, Justyn Palmer, has passed away on July 2.  Justyn will be sorely missed by the club as he was a very active club member, enthusiastic rocketeer, and mentor to many.  

Club prefect Greg Spohn wrote in a message to members "Justyn was a great promoter of high power rocketry. His enthusiasm for the hobby was infectious. Many in our club have joined Tripoli and gotten certified as a result of his coaching and encouragement. He will be greatly missed by our club. It is truly a sad day."

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Justyn's wife and son.  TIR members have already pledged support for Justyn's family.  We will have further updates as more information becomes available.