2013 Annual Meeting

The 2013 Tripoli Idaho annual meeting date was held on Wednesday, January 9th at the Chicago Connection on Fairview Avenue.  TIR members met to discuss several topics in order to plan for another big year for high-power rocketry in Idaho.


The meeting began with the election of officers for the coming year and motion was made to keep the same slate of officers for another term of service. 
Greg Spohn:  prefect
Neil Pyke:  treasurer
Frank Ross:  vice president, communications,  promotions
Rick Thome:  equipment manager
Dave Hassinger:  launch director
Following the election, Neil presented the club finances for 2012 and outlook for 2013.  Based on this information TIR members chose to keep the membership dues the same for another year.
$20 for new members
$40 for renewals
$50 for a family
We will need Tripoli or NAR numbers from all members at sign up or renewal to ensure everyone has insurance (discussion below).




A 2013 launch calendar was accepted as proposed. If weather forces it, we will do 2 weekends in a row.  Primary launch days will be: 3/23, 4/13, 5/4, 5/18, 6/1, 10/5, 10/19, 11/2
TIR meetings will continue with monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of each month at Idaho Pizza company on Fairview at 6:30
By far, most of the meeting was spent discussing who can fly and what to do about research launches. Due to changes in Tripoli insurance policies, TIR members felt that changes would be required in order to continue safe operations within the bounds of Tripoli policy.  Tripoli now requires that everyone flying rockets at Tripoli launches must be insured.  This insured group includes all Tripoli members, and some exceptions, including TARC teams, Boy Scouts, and sanctioned educational groups.  Adult NAR fliers are insured via their NAR insurance at commercial launches, but not research launches . Under-18 NAR fliers can fly model rockets at research launches, go figure. TIR members decided that "walk-on" fliers can no longer be supported under the new rules. People are welcome to be spectators, but flying is prohibited without "rocketry insurance". TIR can sign people up to Tripoli or NAR the day of the launch and they can fly. Members expressed concerns about getting people started in rocketry with this restriction, and with people showing up launch day who used to be able to fly, but now can't. At this point, there is not a good solution for this dilemma, but TIR will continue to work on the problem.
The second major discussion was in regards to holding research launches during our regular flying season. There are a couple of problems with going research-only. NAR-only adults are not insured, and therefore cannot fly at these launches, leaving some members out for any research or combination launch. On the other hand, a growing number of Tripoli members are interested in building and/or flying EX motors. Members also want to fly commercial motors at launches when EX motors are flying. Another issue is with minimum distances for mid-power and above motors. The nearest pads are required to be 200 feet away. After considering alternatives, members decided to make each launch a potential research launch. A decision will be made early in the week before the launch whether that launch will be research or commercial. The decision will be communicated through the google groups email list as part of the nomal, pre-launch process.
Finally, members discussed the issue of communications about go/no-go as the launch day approaches. It was decided to make the call Friday by noon the day before the launch. When the decision is made for a "go" and it's raining and windy, there will still be people and equipment at the site. The decision will be posted through the google group email list. Rick B. volunteered to investigate using Facebook as another communication tool, as well. Timely notification of a launch decision on the TIR website will also be improved.
Rick Bier was again recognized for his contribution to the club by towing the port-a-potties to/from the launch site.  Members unanimously agreed to pay for Rick's Tripoli dues for 2013.  Thanks Rick!