Launch Report - March 10, 2018

First off thanks to all who showed up early to help setup.

Thank you to Dave and Rick for waiver duty. And, of course, thanks to Kelsey for pulling the trailer and being LCO.

We couldn't have asked for a better day. Sunny all day an virtually no wind up to noon then started to pick up a bit by 1-ish. We had about 15 people show up and some visitors came to watch and chat.

We had 1 L1 cert attempt.

There were 5 flyers with a total of 10 flights. 

Sam wins with 4 flights total. 

Terry and I tied with 2 flights. 

Rick and Tyler tied with 1 flight.

Rick wins elevation with a 14,000 ft flight, flying his minimum diameter "54 easy" at 6' tall, 8.5lbs on a K805G. Besides scaring us with a 600ft main deployment the flight went perfect!

Sam had a great flight to 6,000ft on a 5.5" LOC kit bash weighing 90oz on a K535 courtesy of Rick! The flight went perfect with main chute deployment at -18"! (Sorry Sam).

Thanks to all who attended!


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