Launch Report - SpudRoc, May 5-6

Saturday was a bit cloudy but high enough to get some good launches in.  The clouds did clear and we were able to launch JC's rocket with JC riding shotgun. There is more to come on trying to auction off some of JC's equipment to help out Kathy and family so stay tuned.  We will figure it out and let you all know how you can help out.
[Note: click photo for full size view]
We had a TARC group come in early and launch some we were setting up. All went smoothly.
Sunday was really windy in the morning but it died down and we had perfect launch conditions from about 11 to 3:30.
Launch Stats:
Low Power - 36
H - 3
I - 4
J - 5
K - 1
and 1 successful level 1 cert flight for Chris ... for a total of 50 flights. (Plus Sam's last flight of SpudRoc... but I think I left his launch card on the launch table clipboard.)
We had two special awards given to Dave and Brad Walters. Out of the 36 low power launches they did 21 flights!! They both got a TIR sticker. Good job for making the rest of us look like chumps ;) (just kidding of course).
I would like to do some kind of award like this every once in awhile. Challenge suggestions welcomed. Maybe a smashed rocket on a trophy stand with mandatory display at each launch at your prep table until somebody else crashes a rocket and it then gets passed on to the next guy/gal. Bring ideas to the next meeting!
Thanks again to all who came and thanks again to Terry for pulling the equipment trailer and those who helped setup and take down.
As a reminder the next launch is tentatively slated for June 2nd pending fire dangers and BLM gives us a go or grounds us for the season. If we don't get rain again before June then my guess is we will be grounded. Our next meeting is after the expected launch date so keep an eye on the group messages for that launch.