Launch Report for June 2nd

Thanks to all who attended and helped setup and tear down the launch equipment. Your help is greatly appreciated!
Of course, thank you to Dave and Rick for getting the wavier setup and taken down.
I also think we should take a minute to thank the rocket gods for allowing us to launch one more time before the dry/fire season. Yesterday was beautiful!
For those who did not attend it was clear skies and wind gusts where no more than 10mph ever! Best launch to end the season!
Launch stats:
Low Power - 9
H - 2
I - 4
J - 2
K - 2
We had two hybrid launches. One from TJ and one from Kelsey. Both successfully lit and got off the pad but had some unexpected mid flight events but all equipment was unscathed. yay!
We had 2 L1 attempts. Brennan and Tyler I believe. I look forward to seeing you in October ;)
We had a couple new junior flyers. Welcome Alex and Katelyn. Good job with your successful flights. Look out HPR flyers, so far they have a better successful flight to failure ratio than us ;)
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YouTube Videos:

Braden's YouTube video Kate video